Fancy Tees


All our tees, repair tool ball markers and packages are customizable

They turned out to be hot, successful items as corporate gifts and promotional products, as new advertising media in particular for the sponsorship of golf tournaments and golf events.

In this page you see a few examples of personalized articles made for customers who have chosen the Fancy Tees and the Fancy Tools to enhance their brand visibility.

Fancy Tees


If your budget is small, our various blisters can be the best choice.  Choose from our 2-pc, 4-pc, 6-pc, 12-pc or 24-pc blister pack with tees in both lengths 2 1/8” or 2 ¾”. The blister card bears your Company logo and graphic while tees can be chosen plain or imprinted in one color down the side.

Imprinted Fancy Tees

Fancy Tees are imprinted in one color (the one you choose)down the side. We deliver them unpacked, in transparent plastic bags, in blister or in tin boxes.

Tin Boxes

Our best selling personalized item, very neat and handy. Rectangular metal box personalized with your Company logo and graphic and with 32 or 36 tees plain or imprinted in one color down the side.

Special Packaging

We create special packages for specific occasions such as tournament awards, special mentions, trophies or for original gifts.

Fancy Tools / Fancy Combo Packs

Repair tool M24 with customized ball marker

The repair tool M24 with integrated ball marker, for its dimensions and design, is the perfect item to be customized with your logo and graphic. It comes unpacked or in a transparent plastic blister.

Customized repair tool M24 packed in  a customized blister

The blister pack with the customized repair tool M24 can be further enriched by means of a personalized card with your logo and graphic placed inside.

Customized Fancy Combo Pack

The Fancy Combo Pack is the right choice for those who are looking for a promotional golf product with their logo and graphic. The tin box includes one repair tool M24, two tees 2 1/8” and four tees 2 ¾”. Both tin box and ball marker of the repair tool are customized.

Customized Fancy Combo Pack with imprinted tees

To complete the customization of the Fancy Combo Pack we include imprinted tees in one color down the side.