Fancy Tees

Fancy Tees Libero

The Fancy Tee Libero was designed to minimize contact with the ball and facilitate a ball launch as free as possible

The Fancy Tee Libero helps golfers gain distance and performance

The tee shaft ending in a triangular section point enables the insertion when the soil conditions are firm

True to the line of Fancy Tees, this new tee is made of two plastic materials moulded together: a rigid element for the shaft and a soft one for the head and the prongs on which the ball is positioned.
The soft material ensures stability of the ball.

Characterized by Italian style and creativity (registered design), the Fancy Tee Libero is produced in Italy in different combinations of bright colors.


  • reduced support surface
  • deep cavity underneath the ball
  • triangular section point


  • more distance
  • improved accuracy
  • easy insertion into the ground


Did you know?

That an easy insertion of the tee into the ground is in itself a good start and that not a few golfers get annoyed by having to stay kneeling fumbling with a tee that won't get into the hard soil...

The Fancy Tee Libero with its exclusive triangular section point can be easily inserted into the hardest ground,  thus sparing you  what can be the first nuisance of the day on the golf course...