Fancy Tees

Fancy Tools Lady

Inspired by the many  women on the golf courses, Lorenzo Bonfanti created a Lady version of the Fancy Tees: the Fancy Tees Lady . For shades and color combinations they are suited to those women golfers  who care for an added touch of femininity even more so when they are having fun out in great outdoors practicing their favorite sport.

Also the Fancy Tees Lady are made of two plastic materials moulded together: a stiff one for the shaft and a soft one for the tee head. They are quality golf tees, almost unbreakable, eye-catching and to be easily found on the green.

Conforms with USGA and R&A Golf Rules


I Fancy Tees Lady are available in two types of all-pink package

12-pc blister with tees length  2 1/8” (55mm)

Lovely, inexpensive blister card. Tees can be touched to appreciate their distinctive features.

24- pack with 12 tees length  2 1/8” (55mm)  + 12 tees length 2 ¾” (70mm)

Very neat all-pink thermoformed clamshell blister with mixed tees of the two available lengths.