Fancy Tees

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Blister cards

Traditional, inexpensive blister card. You can touch the tees and be able to appreciate their innovative features.

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Plastic blisters and  plastic boxes

Smart clamshell blister with fast and simple closure. You can appreciate the content through the transparent cover.

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Tin boxes

Beautiful, refined with a retro-look. Very handy and useful to carry tees in your golf bag or in your pocket.

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Display carton box

Ideal to be put over the counter, it takes up to 600 tees. Golfers can freely pick out tees with the color combination they like best.

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Blisters cards

Traditional, inexpensive blister cards but newly designed with round shaped lines. The tees can be touched to appreciate their innovative features

They are available with tees in both lengths 2 1/8” (55mm) or 2 3/4” (70mm).
Tees come in four diferent designs and various bright color combinations with unique graphic and chromatic effects. You can find also a blister with only white tees with rubber in different shades of color. These blisters are unprotected, tees can be easily removed to be touched and felt: stiff shaft and soft head.


Plastic blisters and plastic boxes

Fine clamshell blister with a fast and simple closure. You can appreciate the content through the transparent cover and once opened it serves as tee case

This type of blister is suitable to be displayed on big stores and proshops shelves. You can find 14-pc, 24-pc and 30-pc blisters with tees in both lengths: 2 1/8" (55mm) or 2 3/4" (70mm).


Transparent plastic box

Cube-shaped box with 75 Fancy Tees 2 ¾” 70mm or 100 Fancy Tees 2 1/8” 55mm. It includes the entire colour range and possible colour combination of  Fancy Tees and it is available at a very good price.


6-pc U-box with 2 1/8" 55mm tees.  Small, handy, compact tee case available in bright colours. It's the most popular among young players. Available in several bright colors, it's suitable for a small very cute gift or as promotional item. It comes in a display box containing 12 pieces.


Tin boxes

Very handy, beautiful, refined with a retro-look

They are available with 32 or 36 tees.
Surely among the most popular package chosen by players.
Easily customizable, it's increasingly appreciated  as promotional item or gift for participants to major golf events.


Display carton box

It's the perfect package for small proshops to sell over the counter and it's also chosen by those who want to offer free giveaways by letting people pick out the color combination they prefer.